Share Your Unique Perspective

Share Your Unique Perspective

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Groups such as Save Our Summer and Preserve Traditional School Year that are forming all around the country share a common set of values and carefully considered positions—we are not ‘just-say-no-to-change’ groups. We acknowledge the challenges faced by today’s educational institutions, we welcome informed and inclusive discussion about educational reforms, and we are open to adopting reforms that may require change. However, we believe that reforms must have clearly defined goals, an evidenced-based rationale, a strong likelihood of producing positive outcomes, and the process for reform must meaningfully involve those affected by reform.
The process for Calendar 2.0 deliberation is falling short of our democratic standard.  Detailed information about the proposal and process for change has not been shared adequately and the pace at which this proposal has been forwarded has left little time for community input.  Time for comments and questions at the forums is likely to be limited, so we encourage people to share their unique, detailed perspectives regarding this proposal by writing directly to their superintendents, school boards, school principals, and local newspapers. We can also share your letters on our website and our Facebook timeline.
Please see our new letters section with one such letter from an SOS member that eloquently details the many practical concerns associated with Calendar 2.0 from a mom’s perspective and offers positive, alternative solutions to educational challenges from a teacher’s perspective.

If you’d like your thoughts included in our letters section, send them to us,

In the News

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SOS in the news! Thanks to Janet H-C for speaking for our group & broadening this conversation to the wider community. This piece, points out even more practical issues with 2.0- specifically: who will be organizing, supervising, and providing transportation for “students involved in internship and job-shadowing opportunities” over the new break periods? Will these activities be required in some way (via the new learning plans for gr 7-12) and therefore constrict opportunities for family vacation time? Aren’t these opportunities already available and occurring (including taking the form of actual employment) over the current summer break? More questions to bring to the forums…