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SOS in the news! Thanks to Janet H-C for speaking for our group & broadening this conversation to the wider community. This piece, points out even more practical issues with 2.0- specifically: who will be organizing, supervising, and providing transportation for “students involved in internship and job-shadowing opportunities” over the new break periods? Will these activities be required in some way (via the new learning plans for gr 7-12) and therefore constrict opportunities for family vacation time? Aren’t these opportunities already available and occurring (including taking the form of actual employment) over the current summer break? More questions to bring to the forums…


  1. Buddy Dubay
    September 13, 2013 at 2:21 am

    Calendar 2.0 would be like putting a band aid on a gaping wound in our education system. We had a great educational reform going that was based on real research by the likes of Piaget and other geniuses. Education was on it’s way to greatness. It would have been based on meaningful receptive learning…how kids actually learn, not how they perform on tests.Then the C student was elected and he decided that no test, er child should be left behind. Politicians with no understanding of how kids learn took control of our class rooms. Teachers and administrators became scared and had no way to get these bully politicians off the playground. Now they talk about changing the calendar because this is supposedly going to fix some percieved problem. Let’s try and tackle the real problems. Depriving kids of any part of thier well earned summer vacation after overworking them with the crazy piles of homework they get now is not going to solve anything.


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